Business Systems

I help business owners maximize their potential by programming and scripting routine activities that are necessary to run their businesses.

I provide the services listed below at my Montréal-based consultancy, Kafei Interactive Inc.

Software Development

I most often code in PHP to utilize the Drupal framework of web development.

  • Coded for security and best practices
  • Integration with external applications, payment systems, etc.

Website Production and Maintenance

The core of my business is web development.  It is the focus of my research and development.

  • Content management system (CMS) installation and maintenance
  • Static HTML editing and CSS design coding
  • Template coding
  • Usability and accessibility assessments
  • Web software training
  • Graphics editing
  • Hosting setup
  • e-Commerce sites and PayPal integration

Linux System Administration

Perfect for designers and/or small businesses that need help keeping their servers alive.  I support most Linux variants but my preference is Ubuntu.  I also support Debian, RedHat and CentOS to a certain extent.

  • Docker architecture (see
  • Vagrant deployments
  • Memory usage and resource analysis
  • Forensic analysis of corrupted systems or files
  • Automated backup and restoration processes
  • Firewall customization 
  • Customized DNS and failover systems
  • Command line (BASH) compatible scripting

Desktop Publishing

The print world has always been a fascination of mine.  I bridge the technology divide for book publishers and magazines.  

I can help you:

  • Automatically generate custom books
  • Add a custom inscription to your books before publishing
  • Typeset and automate publishing web content as PDF